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Table 2 Variables considered to characterize habitat of aquatic hemipteran families in Africa

From: Modelling the spatial distribution of aquatic insects (Order Hemiptera) potentially involved in the transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans in Africa

Variable Source
Annual cumulative precipitationa WorldClim [27]
Maximum temperature
Mean temperaturea
Minimum temperature
Mean temperature of coldest quarter
Mean temperature of warmest quarter
Precipitation of driest quartera
Precipitation of wettest quarter
Potential evapo-transpiration CGIAR-CSI [29]
Aridity index
Slopea Derived from elevation
Flow accumulationa Derived from slope
Topographic wetness indexa Derived from slope and flow accumulation
Distance to riversa Digital Global Chart [32]
Distance to water-bodiesa Global Water Body Chart -WWF [31]
Land surface temperature (LST)a AfSIS [36]
Enhanced vegetation index (EVI)
Major land cover (forest, agriculture, shrubland-grassland)a Global Land Cover 2000 [34]
  1. aEnvironmental predictors which were finally selected for ecological niche modelling after checking for potential collinearity (correlation coefficient ≥ 0.8)