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Table 2 Aggregated cases of human taeniosis (hospital/laboratory/field records without prevalence data)

From: Epidemiology of Taenia saginata taeniosis/cysticercosis: a systematic review of the distribution in the Americas

Country Year No. of cases Speciesa Diagnostic technique Reference
Brazil na na Taenia spp. Ritchie technique [30]
Colombia 2009–2013 na T. saginata na [31]
Honduras na 4 T. saginata Worm expulsion [32]
Peru 2004–2007 16 T. saginata Worm expulsion [33]
Peru 1998–2000 11 T. saginata Worm expulsion [34]
Venezuela na 1 Taenia spp. Ritchie technique [35]
Venezuela 2004 18 Taenia spp. na [36]
  1. Abbreviation: na information not provided
  2. aIf confirmed