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Fig. 10

From: The marsupial trypanosome Trypanosoma copemani is not an obligate intracellular parasite, although it adversely affects cell health

Fig. 10

Transmission electron micrographs of potoroo kidney epithelial cells (PtK2) after incubation with Trypanosoma copemani G2 for 48 h. a Parasite attached to the surface of a cell. Parasite indicated by an asterisk is attached to the surface of the cell with a vacuole (arrow) underneath. b Two parasites attached to the surface of a cell one parasite (asterisk) with a vacuole underneath (arrow). c T. copemani inside a cell, inside a vacuole recognisable by the flagellum (arrow). d T. copemani attached to a cell, recognisable by the kinetoplast (arrow). Scale-bars: 1 μm

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