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Fig. 4

From: The marsupial trypanosome Trypanosoma copemani is not an obligate intracellular parasite, although it adversely affects cell health

Fig. 4

The number (mean ± SE) of potoroo kidney epithelial (PtK2) cells displaying propidium iodine (PI) fluorescence, and thus with permeabilised or compromised membranes, after incubation with Trypanosoma copemani for 24 h. T. copemani G2 trypomastigotes, G2 epimastigotes and G1 trypomastigotes were incubated with PtK2 cells in MEM media for 24 h. Controls included dead parasites (G2 trypomastigotes), PtK2 cells in MEM without parasites and PtK2 cells in Grace’s media without FCS or parasites. Cells in 3 separate fields of view were counted (20×) and experiments were repeated twice to gain the proportion of cells displaying PI fluorescence for each treatment

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