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Table 2 Impact of time on mosquito mortality. Results from generalised linear mixed-effect models examining the impact on mosquito mortality over time (year)

From: Implications of insecticide resistance for malaria vector control with long-lasting insecticidal nets: trends in pyrethroid resistance during a WHO-coordinated multi-country prospective study

Country Odds ratio for change in mortality per year (95% CI) P-value
All five countries combineda 0.79 (0.79–0.81) <0.001
Four countries combined (without India)a 0.77 (0.76–0.79) <0.001
Beninb 0.74 (0.72–0.76) <0.001
Cameroonc 0.74 (0.69–0.78) <0.001
Indiac 1.03 (0.98–1.10) 0.08
Kenyab 0.88 (0.86–0.90) <0.001
Sudanc 0.67 (0.64–0.70) <0.001
  1. aAdjusted for country
  2. bAdjusted for district
  3. cAdjusted for district, temperature and humidity
  4. Results are presented in terms of change in odds of mortality of mosquitoes in WHO bioassays by year. Odds ratios are adjusted for locality and temperature and humidity where indicated. The data are shown for each country, as well as all countries combined (with country included as a covariate). Cluster was included as a random effect in all models