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Fig. 1

From: Changes in the immune system in experimental acanthamoebiasis in immunocompetent and immunosuppressed hosts

Fig. 1

An example of a gating strategy used to identify sub-populations of T lymphocytes in the spleen using antigens CD3, CD4, CD8. Dot-plots show spleen cell gating on the side scatter (SSC) and forward scatter (FSC) (gate P1). Events contained by gate P2 were characterised by the presence on the surface of the CD3 antigen (CD3+ lymphocytes). Cells positive for the CD3 marker were further divided based on their expression of CD4 and CD8 antigen. Sub-populations of lymphocytes such as CD3+ (P2), CD3+/CD4+ (quadrant Q2+Q4), CD3+/CD8+ (Q1+Q2), CD3+/CD4+/CD8+ (Q2), CD3+/CD4-/CD8- (Q3) were analysed using this strategy

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