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Fig. 4 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 4

From: Molecular basis of permethrin and DDT resistance in an Anopheles funestus population from Benin

Fig. 4

kdr polymorphism in Anopheles funestus of Kpome. a Schematic representation of haplotypes of Exon20 fragment of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene (VGSC) observed in wild type An. funestus from Kpome. Only polymorphic sites are shown and these are numbered from the beginning of each aligned sequence. Dots indicate identity with the first sequence. A number has been given to each haplotype. The column (N) indicates the number of individuals sharing the haplotype. b Maximum-likelihood tree based on kdr data for samples from Kpome, Pahou and Cameroon. c Neighbour-joining tree based on the VGSC gene data for samples of Kpome, Pahou and Cameroon. Abbreviations: Kp, Kpome; Ph, Pahou, Cam: Cameroon

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