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Fig. 1

From: Erythrocyte-binding assays reveal higher binding of Plasmodium knowlesi Duffy binding protein to human Fya+/b+ erythrocytes than to Fya+/b- erythrocytes

Fig. 1

Erythrocyte-binding assay to determine binding activity of PkDBPαII to erythrocytes. a Rosette formation (red arrow) on PkDBPαII-pDisplay™ transfected COS-7 cell, with more than 50% of the cell surface covered by adherent erythrocytes. b Nuclei of COS-7 cells are stained blue with Hoechst dye. c Transfected COS-7 cells show green fluorescence indicating expression of GFP fluorescence tag and PkDBPαII. d Merged images of a, b and c showing the location of rosette, transfected cells and their nuclei

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