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Table 12 In vivo effect of mandelonitrile supplemented sugar diet on Leishmania mexicana infections in female Lutzomyia longipalpis. Results are the mean and SEM of hemocytometer counts of female gut homogenates on the 7th day after feeding on Leishmania-infected blood. Controls were maintained on sugar only and infected using the same conditions as the experimental group (see Methods for details). Data obtained from 2 biological replicates. Control group n = 22, mandelonitrile group n = 20

From: Transmission blocking sugar baits for the control of Leishmania development inside sand flies using environmentally friendly beta-glycosides and their aglycones

  Control (sugar only) Mandelonitrile supplemented
Parasites/gut number (mean ± SEM) 10,709 ± 2989 3780 ± 1670
Infection % (females infected/total females × 100) 64 40a
  1. aFisher’s exact test, P = 0.001