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Table 1 Comparative activity and effect of the OXA derivatives against S. mansoni

From: Assessment of tegumental damage to Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium after in vitro exposure to ferrocenyl, ruthenocenyl and benzyl derivatives of oxamniquine using scanning electron microscopy

Compound S. mansoni adult 72 h IC50 (μM) Onset of action 100 μM (h) Most affected sex Tegumental damage
Blebbing Sloughing off Specific damage pattern/organ
Fc-OXA 11.4a 4 Males + ++ Gynaecophoric canal
Rc-OXA 8.7 a 24 Males ++ + Loss of spines
Bn-OXA 11.1 a 72 Females + +++ Suckers
OXA > 100 120 Both β β β
  1. Abbreviation: β, no difference was observed to control group
  2. aHess et al. [11]