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Table 3 Results of the multi-model inference analysis on triatomine abundance, for the tree models with the lowest AICc

From: Influence of ecological factors on the presence of a triatomine species associated with the arboreal habitat of a host of Trypanosoma cruzi

Model AICc ∆ AICca LRTb P-value
NO + TH + TR 609.33 2.81 3.15 0.21
NO + TH + TA + TR 610.08 2.06 1.05 0.31
NO + NH + TH + TR 611.21 0.93 2.18 0.14
  1. Abbreviations: NO nest occupancy, TH tree height, TR tree richness, TA tree abundance, NH nest height
  2. a∆ AICc is the difference between the corrected Akaike Information Criterion (AICc) for the complete model and the reduced model
  3. bLikelihood ratio test (LRT), and associated P-value test the hypothesis that the reduced model provides no worse fit than the complete model