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Fig. 4

From: Mitochondrial genomes of two diplectanids (Platyhelminthes: Monogenea) expose paraphyly of the order Dactylogyridea and extensive tRNA gene rearrangements

Fig. 4

Sliding window and selection pressure analyses of the mitogenomes of Lepidotrema longipenis and Lamellodiscus spari. a Sliding window analysis was conducted on concatenated alignments of 12 PCGs, 2 rRNAs and 19 coalescent tRNAs (missing tRNAs, trnS1, trnC and trnG, were removed). The black line represents the value of nucleotide diversity (window size = 200 bp, step size = 20 bp, with the value inserted at its mid-point). Gene names, boundaries/direction (colored arrows) and average nucleotide diversity values are indicated above the graph. b Ratios of non-synonymous (dN) to synonymous (dS) substitution rates calculated for protein-coding genes

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