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Table 2 Survey questions for cat owner

From: Survey of European pet owners quantifying endoparasitic infection risk and implications for deworming recommendations

Question number Question Answer options
1 Which country do you live in? Free text response
2 What is your post code? Free text response
3 Is your cat less than 6 months old? Yes/No
4 Is your adult cat kept indoors all the time (And does not eat raw meat)? Yes/No
5 Does your cat go outdoors but not hunt or eat raw meat? Yes/No
6 Does your cat ever catch prey such as mice and birds? Yes/No
7 Does your cat live with or visit children or the elderly? Yes/No
8 Does your cat eat raw meat? Yes/No
9 Does your cat eat slugs, snails, grass or dig in the garden? Yes/No
10 How often do you currently deworm your cat? 1–2× per year/4× per year/4+ × per year/Monthly/ Never or rarely