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Table 6 Clinical sign, lesions and laboratory abnormalities reported in association with Bartonella infections in cats, dogs and humans

From: Bartonella infections in cats and dogs including zoonotic aspects

Bartonella spp. Hostsa
Cats Dogsb Humans
B. henselae Anemia (EI); diaphragmatic myositis (NI); endocarditis (NI); endomyocarditis - left ventricular; endocardial fibrosis complex (NI); eosinophilia (NI); fever (EI, NI); hyperglobulinemia (EI, NI); lethargy (EI, NI); lymphadenomegaly (EI); mild neurological signs (EI); pyogranulomatous myocarditis and uveitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis and corneal ulcers (NI); subclinical (EI, NI); thrombocytopenia (NI) Endocarditis (NI); eosinophilia (NI); epistaxis(NI); fever (NI); granulomatous hepatitis (NI); granulomatous inflammation (NI); hyperglobulinemia (NI); hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia syndrome (NI); ineffective erythropoiesis (NI); lymphadenomegaly (NI); monoclonal gammopathy (NI); peliosis hepatis (NI); subclinical (EI, NI); thrombocytopenia (NI); vasoproliferative lesions (NI) Arthralgia; arthritis; bacillary angiomatosis; CSD; endocarditis; erythema; granulomatous hepatis; neuroretinitis; peliosis hepatis; pulmonary nodules; uveitis; vasoproliferative tumors
B. vinsonii berkhoffii Endocardial fibrosis complex (NI); endomyocarditis - left ventricular; osteomyelitis (NI) Anemia (NI); arrhythmias (NI); endocarditis (NI); epistaxis (NI); fever (NI); granulomatous lymphadenitis (NI); hemangiosarcoma (NI); myocarditis (NI); polyarthritis (NI); splenomegaly (NI); subclinical (EI, NI); thrombocytopenia (NI); uveitis (NI) Endocarditis
B. clarridgeiae NCR or subclinical Endocarditis (NI); hepatic disease (NI) CSD
B. quintana NCR or subclinical Endocarditis (NI); subclinical (NI) Bacillary angiomatosis; endocarditis; fever; neuroretinitis; uveitis
B. koehlerae Endomyocarditis - left ventricular; endocardial fibrosis complex Endocarditis (NI); hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia syndrome (NI); splenic disease (NI) Endocarditis
B. rochalimae NCR or subclinical (EI) Endocarditis (NI); subclinical (EI) Fever; splenomegaly
B. washoensis NCR or subclinical Endocarditis (NI) Fever; myocarditis
  1. aDetails included in Table 6 are provided in [20,21,22, 29, 30, 39, 70, 91, 92, 96, 98, 99, 112, 127, 132, 136, 154, 160, 168,169,170, 289, 292,293,294,295,296,297,298,299,300,301,302,303,304,305]
  2. bPathology reported in dogs to date is mainly due to natural infection only
  3. Abbreviations: CSD cat scratch disease, EI experimental infection, NI natural infection, NCR not clearly related (the reports did not completely prove the direct relation between the clinical findings and the Bartonella infection or the animals had subclinical infection)