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Table 1 The equations used to model changes in the extrinsic incubation period (EIP) of S. tundra in mosquitoes, blood-meal digestion period (biting rate) and daily survival rate of mosquitoes

From: The annual, temporal and spatial pattern of Setaria tundra outbreaks in Finnish reindeer: a mechanistic transmission model approach

Trait Equation Reference
EIP of S. tundra in mosquitoes 1/((T-14)/130) [10, 12, 13]
Blood meal digestion rate (biting rate) 1/(0.0943 + 0.0043*T) [32]
Survival rate of mosquitoes e-1/(-4.4 + 1.31*Tmean – 0.03*(Tmean)^2) [21, 33]
Daily maximum survival rate is set as 90%
  1. Abbreviations: T, temperature (hourly, °C); Tmean, daily mean temperature (°C)