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Fig. 2

From: Babesia bovis RON2 contains conserved B-cell epitopes that induce an invasion-blocking humoral immune response in immunized cattle

Fig. 2

Transcription and expression analysis of B. bovis ron2. a Bioinformatics transcription analysis. The results on the y-axis are shown by robust multi-array average (RMA) normalized values (log2). The comparison of the expression level of ron2, ama-1 and sbp-tc9 (spherical body protein 2 truncated copy 9) genes between attenuated (white) and virulent (gray) strains is shown on the x-axis. b WB expression analysis of RON2. Lane 1: proteins of B. bovis iRBC incubated with post-immunization sera anti-RON2; Lane 2: proteins of B. bovis iRBC incubated with pre-immunization sera anti-RON2; Lane 3: proteins of nRBC incubated with post-immunization sera anti-RON2. The molecular weight marker is shown in kDa

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