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Table 2 MODIS Fourier-transformed, BIOCLIM and Corine Land Cover predictors used to model the probability of Culicoides presence

From: Monthly variation in the probability of presence of adult Culicoides populations in nine European countries and the implications for targeted surveillance

Source Code Description
MODIS (Fourier transformed) 2001–2012 MIR Mid-infrared
dLST Daytime land surface temperature
nLST Nighttime land surface temperature
NDVI Normalized difference vegetation index
EVI Enhanced vegetation index
BIOCLIM 1960–1990 BIO 1 Annual mean temperature
BIO 2 Mean diurnal range: mean of monthly (max. temp - min. temp)
BIO 3 Isothermality (BIO2/BIO7) (×100)
BIO 4 Temperature seasonality (standard deviation × 100)
BIO 5 Maximum temperature of warmest month
BIO 6 Minimum temperature of coldest month
BIO 7 Temperature annual range (BIO5-BIO6)
BIO 8 Mean temperature of wettest quarter
BIO 9 Mean temperature of driest quarter
BIO 10 Mean temperature of warmest quarter
BIO 11 Mean temperature of coldest quarter
BIO 12 Annual precipitation
BIO 13 Precipitation of wettest month
BIO 14 Precipitation of driest month
BIO 15 Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation)
BIO 16 Precipitation of wettest quarter
BIO 17 Precipitation of driest quarter
BIO 18 Precipitation of warmest quarter
BIO 19 Precipitation of coldest quarter
Altitude Digital elevation model (DEM)
Corine Land Covera CLC 12 Non-irrigated arable land
CLC 13 Permanently irrigated land
CLC 15–17 Vineyards, fruit trees and berry plantations, olive groves
CLC 18 Pastures
CLC 19 Annual crops associated with permanent crops
CLC 20 Complex cultivation patterns
CLC 21 Land principally occupied by agriculture with significant areas of natural vegetation
CLC 22 Agro-forestry areas
CLC 23 Broad-leaved forest
CLC 24 Coniferous forest
CLC 25 Mixed forest
CLC 26 Natural grasslands
CLC 29 Transitional woodland-shrub
CLC 35 Inland marshes
CLC 40 Water courses
CLC 41 Water bodies
  1. aCLC plus the number refers to the CORINE land cover class used for modelling