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Table 3 Strains of Leishmania and other flagellates isolated in vitro from naturally infected phlebotomine specimens captured at the three sampled sites in Oiapoque, Amapá, Brazil (2015–2016)

From: Ecological aspects of Phlebotomines (Diptera: Psychodidae) and the transmission of American cutaneous leishmaniasis agents in an Amazonian/ Guianan bordering area

No. Species IEC code Capture site Capture method Infectiona PCR-RFLP result - WHO code
1 Nyssomyia umbratilis M31681 II CDC ground +++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2015/M31681
2 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32146 I CDC ground +++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32146
3 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32149 I Tree bases ++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32149
4 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32152 I CDC canopy ++++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32152
5 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32154 II CDC ground +++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32154
6 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32156 II CDC canopy ++++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32156
7 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32157 II CDC canopy ++++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32157
8 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32158 II CDC canopy ++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32158
9 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32159 II CDC canopy ++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32159
10 Nyssomyia umbratilis M32160 III CDC ground +++ L. (V.) guyanensis - IUMB/BR/2016/M32160
11 Sciopemyia fluviatilis M32316 I CDC ground ++ Unconclusive - IFLU/BR/2016/M32316
12 Viannamyia furcata M32652 I CDC ground +++ Unconclusive - IFUR/BR/2016/M32652
  1. Abbreviations: I Vila Vitória Road, II Highway BR156-Km6, III Clevelândia do Norte Road
  2. aParasites per field (×40 objective): ++, 6–20; +++, 21–40; ++++, > 40