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Fig. 4

From: Spliceosomal introns in Trichomonas vaginalis revisited

Fig. 4

A newly identified type B intron in the gene TVAG_269270. a Experimental validation by RT-PCR and DNA sequencing. Left, the gel image of the RT-PCR is labelled with the gene ID on the top followed by the expected bp size of unspliced vs spliced amplicons. The lanes A-D were loaded with PCR products obtained from water, RNA, gDNA and cDNA templates, respectively. The lane L contains a molecular weight marker (100 bp DNA ladder by New England Biolabs) with band sizes indicated. Right, part of the DNA sequencing chromatogram where the line and arrow indicate the precise exon-exon boundary. The actual DNA sequence is shown under the chromatogram with the arrow indicating the nucleotide boundary between exons. b Partial sequence of gene TVAG_269270. The nucleotide sequence shows the entire 5' UTR where this 25nt-intron, highlighted in grey, was found. This is followed by part of the CDS sequence (in red) which is accompanied by its translation into one-letter amino acids. Primers surrounding the intron, which were used for the PCR here, are shown as underlined sequences. In contrast to the other characterized introns (Table 1), this type-B intron is found in the 5' UTR of the transcript

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