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Table 1 Summary of the PCR validation for the 62 putative introns distributed in 61 protein-coding genes as annotated by TrichDB

From: Spliceosomal introns in Trichomonas vaginalis revisited

Categorya Gene IDb Notes
(A) Functional introns TVAG_110020, TVAG_390460, TVAG_126240, TVAG_225200, TVAG_087980, TVAG_413420, TVAG_388620, TVAG_176980, TVAG_053820, TVAG_020880, TVAG_110580, TVAG_350500, TVAG_148640, TVAG_460790, TVAG_198230, TVAG_125100, TVAG_085780, TVAG_065500, TVAG_014960 Described by Vanacova et al. [15]
TVAG_383350 Described by Deng et al. [16]
TVAG_324910, TVAG_416520, TVAG_134480, TVAG_089630, TVAG_043580, TVAG_306990, TVAG_147850, TVAG_217460, TVAG_242770, TVAG_056030, TVAG_203580 No early references
(B) Non-functional introns TVAG_355610, TVAG_411060, TVAG_107710, TVAG_593670, TVAG_045310, TVAG_130170, TVAG_193820, TVAG_479870, TVAG_410120, TVAG_337250, TVAG_455320, TVAG_454570, TVAG_288660, TVAG_178900, TVAG_327510, TVAG_037940, TVAG_525530c
(C) Undetermined introns TVAG_066220, TVAG_115540, TVAG_249380, TVAG_296070, TVAG_347440, TVAG_442350, TVAG_115550, TVAG_264700, TVAG_368250, TVAG_416890, TVAG_478810, TVAG_432870, TVAG_458560
  1. aBased on the RT-PCR results (Additional file 3: Figure S1), these introns were categorized as (A) Functional, (B) Non-functional or (C) Undetermined
  2. bGenes, where introns were predicted to be in the untranslated regions (UTRs) and not in the coding sequences (CDS), are shown in bold
  3. cThis is the only gene from the list that was claimed to contain 2 introns instead of 1