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Table 1 Study sites on Loch Lomond mainland and islands, with vegetation, two indices of deer density based on deer counts and deer dung, and island size and distance to the mainland

From: Landscape structure affects the prevalence and distribution of a tick-borne zoonotic pathogen

Site Site type Vegetationa Mean deer density (per km2)b Deer density (dung transects)c Island area (km2) Distance to the mainland (km)
BA Mainland Scots pine, oak and birch, understorey of grass, moss and bracken. na 17.3 na na
BW Mainland Oak with understorey of dense areas of bramble and bracken. na 5.9 na na
MA Mainland Oak with mixed understory of blueberry, grass and moss na 1.1 na na
KN Mainland Oak with birch and holly. Understorey relatively open with blueberry, bramble and grasses. na 0.9 na na
LU Mainland Oak with understorey of dense areas of bramble and bracken. na na na na
SA Mainland Oak/managed pine with understorey of bramble, blueberry and grasses na 8.7 na na
BU Island Scots pine, birch and oak. Understorey of rhododendrons, bracken and grass species 0.0 17.5 0.031 1.9
CA Island Oak, birch, holly and alder. Understorey dense with bracken and grass species. 68.9 5.0 0.53 0.28
CE Island Oak, relatively open understorey with blueberry and bracken. 157.9 0.0 0.056 1.7
CL Island Oak, grass and bracken understorey. 0.0 2.2 0.056 0.86
CO Island Oak with blueberry and moss understorey 2.4 3.4 0.42 1.7
CR Island Birch, oak and alder. Understoreys relatively open with blueberry, bracken and moss species. 28.3 33.3 0.28 2.4
FA Island Oak, with a sparse understorey of bracken and bramble. 130.9 28.2 0.45 0.59
LO Island Oak, birch, and yew trees. Understorey dense with bracken. 43.3 31.1 0.75 0.77
MO Island Birch and alder. Understorey of rhododendrons, blueberry, gorse and bog myrtle. 26.3 22.3 0.46 1.2
MU Island Oak, birch and Scots pine. An understorey of blueberry, bracken and bramble. 0 3.1 1.2 1.1
TA Island Oak with blueberry and moss understorey 28.1 32.7 0.63 0.31
TO Island Oak and birch. Understorey dense with bluberry and bracken. 26.7 32.1 0.075 1.9
  1. aVegetation data recorded 2009–2010 [27]
  2. bMean deer density from deer count data collected by Scottish National Heritage counts on Loch Lomond islands in March 2008 and March 2012
  3. cDeer density estimated from dung counts along transects, May-July 2016