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Fig. 6

From: Cytoplasmic incompatibility management to support Incompatible Insect Technique against Aedes albopictus

Fig. 6

Simulation of the expected population dynamics when one or two Wolbachia infection types are present. The simulation shows the evolution of two systems subjected, respectively, to IITi and IITc after stopping incompatible male releases. As IITi releases are stopped, the natural population growth rate is suddenly restored. This outcome is common to all of the methods based on the release of sterile males. The IITc model simulation started with a mixed Ae. albopictus population constituted by two bidirectionally incompatible Wolbachia infection types at a ratio of 45:55. The control effects of the latter strategy last for several generations as incompatible males continue to be produced until the females of the infection type at lower frequency gradually extinguish

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