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Table 1 Variables used to simulate the population dynamics which were common to the two Ae. albopictus populations as not related to the Wolbachia infection type. Data are specifically referred to SANG (= Y infection type) and ARwP (= X infection type) Ae. albopictus

From: Cytoplasmic incompatibility management to support Incompatible Insect Technique against Aedes albopictus

Variables Description Calculation Values
Based on literature Measured in laboratory Set in experiments and model simulationsc
m Female fecundity (Mean number of daughters produced by a female) To be set based on the mean viable eggs produced per blood meal or long life   19.88 ± 1.12 20 ± 2
S 0 Immature survival in absence of intraspecific competition (%) To be set based on laboratory data ̴̴20a 84.91 ± 1.12 depending on the experiments
γ Competition type (=1 if contest, >1 if scramble) Estimated based on literature >1b   1.5
α Constant relative to the carrying capacity of the population Estimated based on the experimental system Depending on the context ̴̴̴ 0.0002 0.0002
  1. aResults regarding Ae. albopictus in nature [58]
  2. bValue obtained from literature [29]
  3. cSpecific values were attributed to the variables to run the model as corresponding to the mean values obtained from previous research or specific experiments involving SANG and ARwP Ae. albopictus
  4. Abbreviations: SANG Wild-type Ae. albopictus with natural Wolbachia infection, ARwP wPip Wolbachia-infected Ae. albopictus