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Table 3 Activity of diflubenzuron to Bti-selected Ae. aegypti larvae

From: Long-term exposure of Aedes aegypti to Bacillus thuringiensis svar. israelensis did not involve altered susceptibility to this microbial larvicide or to other control agents

Samplea No. of larvae EIC50 (95% CI)b RRc EIC90 (95% CI)b RRc
Rocke 1680 0.774 (0.662–0.903) 1.0 1.422 (1.226–1.940) 1.0
RecBti F30 1680 1.188 (1.050–1.320) 1.5 2.123 (1.911–2.416) 1.5
  1. aRockefeller (Rocke) reference strain and the RecBti selected strain (generation F30)
  2. bEmergence inhibitory concentrations (μg/l) for 50% and 90% of adults from third-instar larvae exposed for 30 days (mean and 95% confidence intervals, CI)
  3. cResistance ratio between the EIC for the test strain and that for the reference strain