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Table 1 Monoclonal antibodies used in flow cytometry analysis of peritoneal cavity cell populations

From: Comparative dynamics of peritoneal cell immunophenotypes in sheep during the early and late stages of the infection with Fasciola hepatica by flow cytometric analysis

Peritoneal cell immunophenotypes Antibodies Fluorochromes Clones Reference
Isotype controls
 Control FITC mouse control IgG1 FITC MCA928F
 Control RPE mouse control IgG2a RPE MCA929PE
Cell populations
 TCD4 mouse anti-sheep CD4 RPE clone 44.38 MCA2213PE
 TCD8 mouse anti-bovine CD8 FITC clone CC63 MCA837F
 WC1+γδ mouse anti-bovine WC1 FITC clone CC15 MCA838F
 CD14 mouse anti-bovine CD14 FITC clone CC-G33 MCA2678F
 CD83 mouse anti-human CD83 FITC clone HB15e MCA1582F
 MHCII mouse anti-bovine MHC class II FITC clone IL-A21 MCA2445F