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Table 1 Anopheles funestus sampling sites in Kenya and number of specimens analyzed

From: Population genetics of Anopheles funestus, the African malaria vector, Kenya

Region County Location (abbreviation) Malaria endemicitya Collection date (DD/MM/YY) Collection method Sample size
Western Kisumu Ahero (H) Lake Endemic 4–16/11/2015 CDC (Out) 68
Siaya Usenge (US) Lake Endemic 23/7/2015 IR 31
Siaya West Alego (AL) Lake Endemic 1/7/2017 CDC (In/Out) 61
Siaya Mageta (MAG) Lake Endemic 8/6/2014 IR 8
Busia Bunyala (BUN) Lake Endemic 3/7/2017 CDC (In/Out) 51
Busia Samia (SAM) Lake Endemic 30/6/2017 CDC (In/Out) 102
Busia Lwanya-Bumala (LN) Lake Endemic 3/7/2017 CDC (In/Out) 17
Rift Valley Baringo Kamnarok (B) Highland Epidemic and semi-arid, seasonal 12/8/2015 IR 11
Coastal Kilifi Jaribuni (J) Coast Endemic 8/6/2017 CDC (In/Out) 31
Kwale Fihoni (FH) Coast Endemic 7/6/2017 CDC (In/Out) 22
Taita-Taveta Njoro (T) Coast Endemic 6/7/2017 IR 24
  1. Collection methods included indoor resting (IR) and CDC light traps (CDC) conducted indoors (In) and/or outdoors (Out)
  2. a[2]