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Table 1 Climate data during the sample collection in the study areas

From: Aerobic midgut microbiota of sand fly vectors of zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis from northern Iran, a step toward finding potential paratransgenic candidates

Location Coordinates Date Season T (°C) Mean RH (%) Rain (mm) Mean wind speed (km/h)
Meshkinshahr 37°04'–39°65'N, 47°40'–48°71'E 2015 Late spring-early summer 7–31 59.31 0 18
Bojnurd 36°37'–38°17'N, 55°53'–58°20'E 2015 Late spring-early summer 12–39 47.2 0 9
  1. Abbreviations: T temperature (range), RH relative humidity