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Table 4 Details of the bacteria isolated from the midgut of sand flies captured in the mountainous region (Meshkinshahr) of northwestern Iran

From: Aerobic midgut microbiota of sand fly vectors of zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis from northern Iran, a step toward finding potential paratransgenic candidates

Assigned bacterial spp. Sand fly origin Similarity % Phylum Family GenBank ID
Kluyvera cryocrescens P. kandelakii 99.5 99 Proteobacteria Enterobacteriaceae MF372632
Enterobacter aerogenes P. kandelakii 100 100 Proteobacteria Enterobacteriaceae MF372633
Enterococcus faecium P. kandelakii 100 100 Proteobacteria Enterococcaceae MF372634
Enterobacter ludwigii P. kandelakii 100 99 Proteobacteria Enterobacteriaceae MF372638
Staphylococcus hominis P. kandelakii 99.9 100 Firmicutes Staphylococcaceae MF372635
Klebsiella pneumoniae P. major 100 100 Proteobacteria Enterobacteriaceae MF372637
Staphylococcus sciuri P. major 100 100 Firmicutes Staphylococcaceae MF372636