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Fig. 3

From: Culicoides species community composition and infection status with parasites in an urban environment of east central Texas, USA

Fig. 3

Phylogenetic relationship between Culicoides species based on a 405 bp region of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 gene. Culicoides sequences from individuals captured in Texas (GenBank: MH751225, MH751229-34, MH751236-42, MH751245, MH751247, MH751249-51, MH751253-57, MH751259-66, MH751268-72, MH751274-79, MH751281-82), Winsconsin, Wyoming and South Carolina (GenBank: MH751220, MH751222-24, MH751226-28, MH751235, MH751243, MH751244, MH751246, MH751248, MH751252, MH751258, MH751267, MH751273, MH751280) are listed and individually marked with a star to indicate sample for which morphological characterization and molecular sequence were performed. The bootstrap support values above < 90% are shown at the corresponding nodes. Additionally, publically available cox1 sequences from Texas were added to the phylogenetic tree (GenBank: KT794137.1; KT794138.1; KT794141.1; KT794142.1; KT794143.1; KT794144.1, KT794154.1; KT794155.1; KT794159.1; KT794161.1; KT794162.1; KT794164.1; KT794165.1; KT794167.1; KT7941371.1). The tree was rooted to the cox1 sequence of Atrichopogon levis (GenBank: KT092130.1)

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