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Table 1 Definitions of the parameters used in the model

From: A combination of climatic conditions determines major within-season dengue outbreaks in Guangdong Province, China

Parameter Definition (units)
a The average biting rate (per day)
b m Transmission probability from human to mosquito (per bite)
b h Transmission probability from mosquito to human (per bite)
n The duration of the extrinsic incubation period (days)
T h The infectious period (days)
M H The ratio between the mosquito and human populations
b(t) The egg-laying rate (per mosquito per day)
d(t) The development rate of immatures (per day)
μ1(t) The daily mortality rate of immatures (per day)
μ2(t) The daily mortality rate of adults (per day)
λ(t) The total daily precipitation (mm)
δ(t) The evaporation rate (mm)