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Table 2 Acanthamoeba genotypes and accession numbers of the Acanthamoeba clinical strains isolated from Chilean patients with keratitis between 2005–2016

From: Genotypic diversity of Acanthamoeba strains isolated from Chilean patients with Acanthamoeba keratitis

Patient ID Sample code Sex Genotype GenBank ID Patient ID Sample code Sex Genotype GenBank ID
1 CHI1003 M T4/E JF702873 38 CHI6806 F T4/G JF702905
2 CHI1203 M T4/A JF702875 39 CHI7506 F T4/N JF702907
3 CHI1503 M T4/M JF702877 40 CHI9006 F T4/C JF702910
4 CHI1803 F T4/B JF702879 CHI9106 T4/C MH100849
5 CHI3703 F T4/A JF702891 41 CHI9306 M T4/O JF702912
CHI3803 T4/A MH100821 42 CHI5007 F T2 KX688012
CHI4103 T4/A JF702895 43 CHI6007 F T4/A KX688013
CHI4203 T4/A MH100825 44 CHI7007 F T4/P KX688014
6 CHI4003 F T4/A JF702894 45 CHI9007 F T4/G KX688015
7 CHI4503 M T4/A JF702897 46 CHI9507 M T4/G KX688016
8 CHI4703 M T4/A JF702898 47 CHI0608 F T4/A KX688017
9 CHI5303 F T4/A MH100830 48 CHI2808 F T4/E KX688018
CHI5403 T4/A JF702900 49 CHI3408 M T4/A KX688019
10 CHI56A03 F T4/A MH100834 50 CHI4708 M T4/D KX688020
CHI56B03 T4/A MH100835 51 CHI9608 M T4/B KX688021
CHI5603 T4/A JF702902 52 CHI1309 F T4/R KX688022
11 CHI2504 F T4/Q JF702882 53 CHI2809 M T4/B KX688023
12 CHI3804 F T4/C JF702893 54 CHI4309 F T4/G KX688024
CHI4004 T4/C MH100822 CHI4409 T4/B KX688025
13 CHI5304 M T4/C MH100831 55 CHI7509 F T4/A KX688026
CHI5404 T4/C MH100832 56 CHI2810 M T4/B KX688027
CHI5504 T4/C JF702901 57 CHI5010 M T4/F KX688028
14 CHI5604 F T4/A JF702903 CHI5210 T4/A KX688029
15 CHI5904 F T4/D JF702904 58 CHI5910 F T4/A KX688030
16 CHI7004 F T4/D MH100839 CHI6010 T4/G KX688031
CHI7204 T4/D JF702906 59 CHI4011 M T4/F KX688035
17 CHI8204 F T4/H MH100844 60 CHI4411 F T4/B KX688036
CHI8304 T4/H MH100846 61 CHI7011 F T4/V KX688033
CHI8404 T4/H JF702908 62 CHI0112 F T11 KX688037
18 CHI8804 F T4/A MH100847 CHI0312 T11 KX688039
CHI8904 T4/A MH100848 CHI0412 T11 KX688040
CHI9004 T4/A JF702909 CHI0212 T11 KX688038
19 CHI9304 F T4/A JF702911 63 CHI1812 M T4/D KX688034
20 CHI0405 M T4/A JF702872 64 CHI0615 F T4/C MH100807
21 CHI1805 M T4/A MH100814 CHI0715 T4/C MH100808
CHI1905 T4/A JF702880 65 CHI1815 M T4/F MH100816
22 CHI2405 F T4/A JF702881 66 CHI2515 F T4/C MH100818
CHI2505 T4/A MH100817 CHI2615 T4/C MH100820
CHI2605 T4/A MH100819 67 CHI5015 F T4/B MH100827
23 CHI2705 F T4/A JF702883 CHI5115 T4/B MH100829
24 CHI3005 F T4/A JF702885 68 CHI6715 F T4/B MH100838
25 CHI3105 F T4/A JF702886 69 CHI0416 F T4/E MH100805
26 CHI3205 F T4/G JF702887 CHI0516 T4/E MH100806
27 CHI3405 F T11 JF702889 70 CHI0716 M T4/A MH100809
28 CHI3505 F T4/M JF702890 71 CHI0916 F T4/K MH100810
29 CHI3705 M T4/A JF702892 CHI1016 T4/K MH100811
30 CHI4905 F T4/A JF702899 72 CHI4016 M T4/X MH100823
31 CHI1106 M T4/A JF702874 CHI4116 T4/S MH100824
32 CHI1306 M T4/D JF702876 CHI4216 T4/W MH100826
CHI1506 T4/D MH100812 73 CHI5016 F T4/U MH100828
33 CHI1606 F T4/A MH100813 74 CHI5416 M T4/L MH100833
CHI1706 T4/A JF702878 CHI6116 T4/L MH100836
CHI1806 T4/A MH100815 75 CHI7016 F T4/E MH100841
34 CHI2806 F T4/I JF702884 CHI7116 T4/E MH100842
35 CHI3206 M T4/A JF702888 76 CHI8116 F T4/T MH100843
36 CHI4706 F T4/H JF702896 CHI8216 T4/U MH100845
37 CHI6406B F T4/J JF702914      
CHI6506 T4/J MH100837      
  1. Abbreviations: M male, F female