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Table 3 Samples of Aedes spp. with kdr mutations, according to the sampling location

From: Presence of the point mutations Val1016Gly in the voltage-gated sodium channel detected in a single mosquito from Panama

Species Location Total
Bethania Garzas de Pacora Nuevo Chorrillo Princesa Mía Lluvia de Oro
Aedes aegypti 0/20 0/3 1/15 (0.06a) 0/5 0/17 1/60 (0.01b)
Aedes albopictus 0/2 0/2 0/64 0/0 0/3 0/71
  1. aFrequency based on the samples of Ae. aegypti evaluated from Nuevo Chorrillo
  2. bFrequency based on the total samples of Ae. aegypti evaluated in this study