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Table 7 Distribution of co-infections among dogs with clinical leishmaniosis and that died

From: Comorbid infections induce progression of visceral leishmaniasis

Tick-borne exposure % also CanL % all-cause mortality
Anaplasma spp. 41.67 20.00
Babesia spp. 50.00 26.67
Borrelia burgdorferi 33.33 13.33
Ehrlichia spp. 41.67 20.00
Leishmania spp. 100 53.33
  1. Notes: Leishmania infantum positive status was determined as any dog that was diagnostically positive via qPCR or is measured by either DPP® CVL assay or PCR-positive. Clinical leishmaniosis was determined as dogs with 2 or more clinical signs for leishmaniosis and a diagnostic positive test results on qPCR and/or DPP® CVL