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Fig. 2

From: Field evaluation of seasonal trends in relative population sizes and dispersal pattern of Aedes albopictus males in support of the design of a sterile male release strategy

Fig. 2

Regression lines of recaptures [expressed as log (number of released males recaptured + 1)] of cohorts of field-collected and laboratory-produced Aedes albopictus released in the three experiments. The equations of regression lines are: for field males December: y = 0.039x + 1.4232, for field males April: y = -0.0954x + 1.9083, for laboratory males April: y = -0.1804x + 2.2049, for field males September: y = -0.0213x + 1.4946 and for laboratory males September y = -0.17x + 2.2094. The antilog of the slopes of regressions lines gives the daily survival probability

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