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Fig. 3

From: Field evaluation of seasonal trends in relative population sizes and dispersal pattern of Aedes albopictus males in support of the design of a sterile male release strategy

Fig. 3

a Proportions of marked mosquitoes caught in traps for the four days according to the direction for the different treatment: F-D, field males December; F-A, field males April; L-A, laboratory males April; F-S, field males September; L-S, laboratory males September. The G-test was used to determine if the same proportion of males dispersed in all directions (P < 0.001 indicates a strong significant difference with a ratio of 1:1:1:1 in all directions). b Wind roses for the three dates of MRR. Frequencies of direction and speed of the wind during one month, with mean values calculated every 3 h [30]

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