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Table 3 Comparison of the mosquitoes infected by different P. vivax genotype (cspVk/Pvs25-130) only from simultaneous feeding of An. pseudopunctipennis from different geographical sites

From: Plasmodium vivax CSP-Pvs25 variants from southern Mexico produce distinct patterns of infectivity for Anopheles albimanus versus An. pseudopunctipennis, in each case independent of geographical origin

Geographical site and mosquito colony Vk210/Pvs25-Ba Vk247/Pvs25-Bb
n Prop. infected P n Prop. infected P
1. P/TAP-R 49 0.76   107 0.79  
5. Nuevo Leon 49 0.53 0.027 109 0.65 0.030
6. Guatemala 56 0.50 0.011 106 0.72 0.260
  1. Notes: Statistical significance was calculated by using the Jackknife coefficient variance estimator at 95% confidence interval
  2. aSix simultaneous experiments
  3. bSeven simultaneous experiments
  4. Abbreviations: n, total number of mosquitoes examined; Prop., proportion; P/TAP-R, reference strain of An. pseudopunctipennis