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Table 4 Summary of unsuccessful studies involving the treatment of sarcoptic mange in wildlife

From: The treatment of sarcoptic mange in wildlife: a systematic review

Treated species and reference No. of animals treated & treatment environment Severitya Treatmentb Outcome
Drug(s) administered Dose & delivery method No. of doses Treatment interval between doses
Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus), Speight et al. (2017) [33] 1 captive Severe a) Ivermectin;
b) Enrofloxacin
a) 200 µg/kg SC;
b) 10 mg/kg SC
a) 1;
b) 3
a) na;
b) 1 day
Death within three days of treatment
San Joaquin kit fox (Vulpes macrotis), Cypher et al. (2017) [19] 9 captive Mild or severe Selamectin 6.0 mg/kg topical application 1 na Death of 6 foxes within 3 days of capture but recovery of 3 foxes within 29 to 32 days
Red fox (Vulpes vulpes), Newman et al. (2002) [32] 15 wild Unreported Ivermectin 300 µg/kg SC 1 na Initial improvement, then gradual death due to overwhelming S. scabiei infection
  1. aSeverity of mange prior to treatment
  2. bAlphabetized bullet points indicate different medications delivered concurrently
  3. Abbreviation: na, not applicable