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Fig. 2

From: Limited risk of Zika virus transmission by five Aedes albopictus populations from Spain

Fig. 2

Viral competence parameters in the five Spanish Ae. albopictus populations. Infection and dissemination rates (a) and number of ZIKV RNA copies (b). Infection rates and absolute number of ZIKV copies in both body and head of the five Ae. albopictus populations from Spain at days 7 and 14 after oral experimental exposition with a ZIKV infectious blood meal (1.8 × 106 PFU/ml). The five populations (BA, Barcelona; VA, Valencia; PM, Palma de Mallorca; MA, Málaga; GU, Guipúzcoa) are represented by different colours. Horizontal black bars represent the medians. The number of infected samples from the 25 mosquitoes analysed for each population are shown in parentheses. Different letters indicate statistically significant differences (Mann-Whitney U-test; ***P < 0.001)

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