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Table 1 Mosquito populations and field-collected eggs related information from Spanish mainland and Balearic Islands

From: Limited risk of Zika virus transmission by five Aedes albopictus populations from Spain

Mosquito population Collection site Current status in Spaina Total no. of eggsb OPIc EDId
Barcelona, Catalonia (BA) (41°48′33′′N, 2°03′33′′E) Established for a long time 500 88.8 96.4
Valencia, Valencian community (VA) (40°03′19′′N, 0°03′50′′E) Established for a long time 1300 77.7 185.8
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands (PM) (39°41′45′′N, 2°42′0′′E) Recently established 760 83.3 76.1
Málaga, Andalusia (MA) (36°35′15′′N, 4°33′07′′W) Recently established 450 87.5 64.4
Guipúzcoa, Basque Country (GU) (43°20′35′′N, 1°45′44′′W) Occasionally introduced 54 4.1 9.1
  1. aEstablished for a long time (> 7 years) and recently established (< 3 years)
  2. bParental source of eggs (F0)
  3. cOvitrap Positive Index (OPI): frequency of positive ovitraps among the total examined
  4. dEgg Density Index (EDI): no. of eggs / no. of positive ovitraps