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Fig. 5

From: Plant Hsp90 is a novel adjuvant that elicits a strong humoral and cellular immune response against B- and T-cell epitopes of a Toxoplasma gondii SAG1 peptide

Fig. 5

Cytokine detection in spleen cell cultures and sera from C57BL/6 immunized mice after T. gondii infection. a Values of IFN-γ in serum samples (5 mice per group) at 10 days (acute infection) and 30 days (chronic infection) after mice were orally challenged with 20 tissue cysts of ME49 T. gondii strain (sub-lethal dose). Sera were diluted 1:10 and IFN-γ was measured by ELISA. Values of IFN-γ (b) and IL-10 (c) in supernatants of spleen cell cultures in the chronic infection. Splenocytes from 5 mice per group were cultured and stimulated with either rSAG1 or rGRA4. Cytokine was measured in cell supernatants after 72 h of culture by ELISA. Each bar represents the group mean ± SEM. Results represent one of two similar experiments. IFN-γ: *P < 0.05, NbHsp90.3-SAG1HC vs PBS, NbHsp90.3 and SAG1m groups. IL-10: ***P < 0.001, NbHsp90.3-SAG1HC vs PBS, NbHsp90.3 and NbHsp90.3-SAG1HC groups. Statistical analysis was performed by two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) using Tukey’s multiple comparisons test

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