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Table 1 Hyalomma spp. collection samples and detected pathogens in Germany, 2018

From: Imported Hyalomma ticks in Germany in 2018

Collection date Locality and district Hyalomma spp. Stage Host Pathogen
CCHF virus Rickettsia aeschlimannii Coxiella burnetii Coxiella-like Babesia/Theileria spp.
26 June Wächtersbach, Hesse H. marginatum Female Sheep +
30 July Wardenburg, Lower Saxony H. marginatum Male Horse
30 July Hannover, Lower Saxony H. rufipes Female Horse
05 August Wächtersbach, Hesse H. marginatum Male Horse +
20 August Hannover, Lower Saxony H. rufipes Female Horse +
20 August Lützelhausen, Hesse H. rufipes Male Horse
24 August Hannover, Hesse H. marginatum Male Car +
13 September Heiligenberg, Baden-Württemberg H. marginatum Male Horse
22 August Neuenhaus, Lower Saxony H. marginatum Female Horse +
21 August Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate H. marginatum Female Horse
10 September Borgdorf-Seedorf, Schleswig-Holstein H. rufipes Male Horse
23 August Hohenaspe, Schleswig-Holstein H. marginatum Male Horse
04 September Fechenheimer Aue, Hesse H. marginatum Female House +
11 September Winsen/Aller, Lower Saxony H. rufipes Female Unknown
18 August Saulheim, Rhineland-Palatinate H. rufipes Female Horse pasture +
13 October Neuenkirchen, Lower Saxony H. rufipes Male Horse +
20 October Wessel, North Rhine Westphalia H. marginatum Female Horse
13 October Mörsdorf, Rhineland-Palatinate H. rufipes Male Horse +
  1. Key: +, present; −, absent