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Fig. 5

From: Treatment of pigs with endectocides as a complementary tool for combating malaria transmission by Anopheles farauti (s.s.) in Papua New Guinea

Fig. 5

Blood concentrations of ivermectin in pigs delivered via subcutaneous injection, oral and pour-on routes. Subcutaneous injection of 0.6 mg/kg ivermectin in experimental pigs resulted in much higher mean blood levels of the drug (18.2, 32.8, 26.1 and 15.3 ng/ml on week 1 and 2.4 ng/ml on week 2, (concentrations found lethal to mosquitoes) and longer residence time (up to 3 weeks) as compared to same drug concentration of 0.6 mg/kg delivered via oral and pour-on routes in experimental pigs. The mean lethal dose of 19.9 ng/ml delivered via oral route was detectable only after 24 h post-treatment of pigs and rapidly declined to 6.2 ng/ml after 3 days. This lethal dose was not reached by pour-on delivery

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