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Fig. 2

From: Phenotypic screening of the ‘Kurz-box’ of chemicals identifies two compounds (BLK127 and HBK4) with anthelmintic activity in vitro against parasitic larval stages of Haemonchus contortus

Fig. 2

Light microscopy images of different phenotypes of exsheathed third-stage larvae (xL3) or developed fourth-stage larvae (L4) of Haemonchus contortus 7 days following exposure of xL3s to 20 µM of compound BLK127, HBK4, monepantel (positive control) or LB* + 0.5% DMSO (negative control). The details of the developed pharynx in the negative control, anterior protrusion in the ‘eviscerated’ (Evi) phenotype and presence of vacuoles in the ‘curved’ phenotype are shown. Scale-bars are 50 µm and 20 µm for 40× and 100× magnification, respectively

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