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Table 3 Percentage emergence of Culicoides species larvae isolated from plantain stems in four study sites of the South-West region of Cameroon

From: Update on the biology and ecology of Culicoides species in the South-West region of Cameroon with implications on the transmission of Mansonella perstans

Site No. of larvae isolated Emerged species No. of emerged adults Percentage emergence
Bokwai 1050 C. milnei 64 9.5a
C. grahamii 198 29.6a
C. inornatipennis 408 60.9a
Total 1050 670 63.8b
Mbule 523 C. milnei 04 0.8a
C. grahamii 298 63.0a
C. inornatipennis 171 36.1a
Total 523 473 90.4b
Nlog 1000 C. grahamii 204 28.1a
C. inornatipennis 523 71.9a
Total 1000 727 72.7b
Ediki 820 C. milnei 235 30.6a
C. grahamii 327 42.6a
C. inornatipennis 205 26.7a
Total 820 767 93.5b
Overall Total 3393 2637 77.7
  1. aPercentage based on total number of emerged adult flies
  2. bPercentage based on the total number of isolated larvae which were then kept in culture