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Fig. 4

From: Prevalence of Rickettsia species in ticks including identification of unknown species in two regions in Kazakhstan

Fig. 4

Maximum Likelihood phylogenetic tree based on 62 partial ompAIV sequences, with 44 sequences originating from amplificates from Kazakh tick DNA and 20 from the GenBank database. 10 sequences from Kazakh ticks were 100% identical to R. raoultii, one sequence was identical to R. slovaca. 30 sequences formed a new cluster “Candidatus Rickettsia yenbekshikazakhensis” (29 sequences from Yenbekshikazakh district and 1 from Yeskeldy district around Tekeli city) and three a new cluster “genotype Rickettsia talgarensis” (1 sequence from Yenbekshikazakh district, 2 from Yeskeldy district-Tekeli city). There were a total of 864 positions in the final dataset. The tree with the highest log-likelihood (-1803.5066) is shown

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