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Fig. 6

From: In vitro and in vivo activities of DW-3-15, a commercial praziquantel derivative, against Schistosoma japonicum

Fig. 6

Scanning electron micrographs of S. japonicum male worms exposed to PZQ. Worms after 96 h of incubation were curled up (a), and showed shallow sloughing (SL) (b, c), disintegration (DI) of the tegumental crest, pit-shaped erosion (E) and blisters (B) (dg). In the gynecophoral canal, disarrangement of the inner wall and loss of spine (S) were visible (h). Scale-bars: a, 500 µm; b, 200 µm; c, e, g, 20 µm; d, 10 µm; f, 50 µm; h, 5 µm

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