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Table 3 Assigned characteristic peaks in the MS profiles of Ixodes spp. tick cell lines to proteins identified in the corresponding extracts

From: Tissue-specific signatures in tick cell line MS profiles

m/z Accessiona Descriptionb Species MW (Da)c Tick cell lined Tick organe
6154 B7QEH2 Conserved hypothetical protein (F1-ATPase epsilon superfamily) I. scapularis 6160 All All
6656 Q4PM47 Ribosomal protein S29 I. scapularis 6653 IRE/CTVM19; ISE6; ISE18
8565 A0A131Y5V6 Putative cytoplasmic cystatin I. ricinus 8612 All All
9182 V5H067 Putative ciboulot_ partial I. ricinus 9189 IRE/CTVM19; ISE18 SG
9773 A0A0K8RPM6 Putative ubiquitin/40s ribosomal protein s27a fusion I. ricinus 9696 All
9971 V5H1M0 Putative ATP synthase e chain Rhipicephalus sanguineus ATP synthase e chain I. ricinus 9964 IRE11; IRE/CTVM19; IRE/CTVM20 Ov
Q4PM77 ATP synthase E chain I. scapularis ISE6; ISE18
11515 A0A0K8RQR8 Putative histone h4_partial I. ricinus 11488 IRE/CTVM20
13312 A0A0K8RIJ1 Putative histone 2a I. ricinus 13355 IRE11; IRE/CTVM19; IRE/CTVM20 SG, MT
B7PSI5 Histone 2A I. scapularis ISE6; ISE18
13521 A0A090XDF4 Putative glycine-rich secreted protein 95 I. ricinus 13504 IRE/CTVM19 G, MT
13775 A0A0K8RB64 Putative histone h2b I. ricinus 13810 IRE11; IRE/CTVM19; IRE/CTVM20 SG, Ov, MT
Q4PM63 Histone 2B I. scapularis ISE6; ISE18
15364 A0A0K8R3K9 Putative histones h3 and h4 I. ricinus 15318 IRE/CTVM19
  1. aAccession number refers to the sequence retrieved from the UniProt protein database
  2. bDescription of the respective protein accession. Protein homologs were assigned to unknown proteins via BLAST search
  3. cTheoretical molecular weight
  4. dPresence of a peak in the MS profiles of tick cell lines
  5. ePresence of a peak in the MS profiles of tick organs
  6. Abbreviations: G, gut; SG, salivary gland; Ov, ovary; MT, Malpighian tubules