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Fig. 2

From: Shared species of crocodilian trypanosomes carried by tabanid flies in Africa and South America, including the description of a new species from caimans, Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp.

Fig. 2

Trypanosomes in crocodilians, tabanids and tsetse flies in South America and Africa. Single and mixed infections identified by V7V8 SSU rRNA and/or gGAPDH barcodes of trypanosomes from the clades Kaiowa, Ralphi, Grayi, Cay03, Tab01, Terena and Clandestinus in individual blood samples from caimans (Caiman yacare, Caiman crocodilus, Melanonosuchus niger and Paleosuchus trigonatus), leeches (Haementeria sp.) and crocodiles (Crocodylus niloticus and Osteolaemus tetrapsis), and guts of tabanids (ISC 212-216) and tsetse flies (ANR4, BAN1, and ISC111, 112, 219, 220). In South America, T. kaiowa, T. ralphi and Trypanosoma sp. Cay03 were detected in tabanids and caimans, T. terena exclusively in caimans, Trypanosoma sp. Tab01 in tabanids, and T. clandestinus in caimans and leeches. In Africa, T. kaiowa n. sp. was identified in tabanids, tsetse flies and crocodiles, T. ralphi and Trypanosoma sp. Tab01 in tsetse flies, and T. grayi in tsetse flies and crocodiles

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