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Fig. 3

From: Shared species of crocodilian trypanosomes carried by tabanid flies in Africa and South America, including the description of a new species from caimans, Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp.

Fig. 3

Phylogenetic analysis based on V7V8 SSU rRNA gene sequences of trypanosomes from caimans, crocodiles, tabanids and tsetse flies. Maximum Likelihood inference (903 characters, Ln = −4371.770725) supported the clades Ralphi, Kaiowa, Terena, Cay03 and Grayi in the terrestrial lineage. Trypanosomes of the aquatic lineages, including T. clandestinus, were used as outgroups. Numbers at the nodes (Bayesian Inference/Maximum Likelihood) represent the posterior probability > 0.8 and bootstrap support > 60%, respectively, derived from 500 replicates

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