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Fig. 5

From: Shared species of crocodilian trypanosomes carried by tabanid flies in Africa and South America, including the description of a new species from caimans, Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp.

Fig. 5

Trypanosoma kaiowa n. sp. predicted life-cycle. a Light microscopy of Giemsa-stained preparations of early hemocultures (BALB/LIT medium) from Caiman yacare naturally infected with T. kaiowa n. sp. showing large trypomastigote (T) and epimastigote (E) forms with noticeable undulating membrane, and small forms resembling promastigotes (P). b Caiman yacare and the tabanid Phaeotabanus fervens in the Pantanal, Brazil. c Clumps of flagellates adhered to a fragment of tabanid wall gut (yellow arrow), slim promastigotes (P), epimastigotes (E), and trypomastigotes (T) from gut contents of tabanids. Abbreviations: n, nucleus; k, kinetoplast; f, flagellum. Scale-bars: 10 µm

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